President Kessai Note at the UN General Assembly.

In April 2017, the Honorable Kessai H. Note served as President of the Constitutional Convention of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. He was one of the first delegates to the first constitutional convention of the country when it became an independent republic. He is one of the few remaining most senior members of the Nitijela (Parliament).

The Honorable Kessai H. Note is one of the longest serving Senators and Members of the Nitijela (Marshall Islands Parliament). He served as President of the Republic from 2000-2008. He continues to serve as a Senator and in May 2017, he served as President of the Constitutional Convention.

President Note began his career in the public service as an agricultural economist attached to the Division of Agriculture rurder the Trust Territory District Department of Natural Resources inlate 1974. Two years later in 1976, Note entered the political arenawhen he was elected delegate to the ltt Constitutional Convention of the Marshall Islands.

For two years between 1976 and 1979, Note and other young political activists rallied behind the late President Amata Kabua and pushed for the Marshall Islands to secede from the rest o the Trust Territory, and to establish a separate political entity for itself. In 1978, the Marshall Islands voted to separate from Micronesia and in1979, the people of the Marshall Islands ratified their own constitution and constitutional government came into being on ltt May 1979.

President Note was elected to the first Constitutional Nitijela(Parliament) in April 1979, and appointed to the Cabinet as Minister of Resources and Development.

During his tenure as Minister of Resources and Development, Note was instrumental in the establishment of Air Marshall Islands (AMI) and the subsequent acquisition of two nomad aircrafts from Austrahaand latter two Dornier aircrafts from Germany. As one of the founding board members of AMI, Note served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Air Marshall Islands. Note also played a key role in the negotiation and successful conclusion of the'Nauru Agreement," a multi-lateral fishery arrangement involving other Pacific nations including Kiribati, PNG, Palau, FSM and RMI.

President Note served in the Cabinet for eight years 1979-1987. During this period he also served as Minister of Interior and later as Minister of Transportation and Communications

He served for a number of years as Chairman of the Board of National Telecommunications Authority. In addition, Note served on the Board of Tobolar Corporation as well as Chairman of the Foreign Investment Board.

Note is an active supporter of community affairs. He served for many years as Chairman of the Board of now defunct Marshalls Community Action Agency and as President of the Marshall Islands Sports Council.

In 1988, Note was elected Speaker of the Nitijela where he served with distinction for twelve years. In 1990, Note again was elected delegate to the 2no Constitutional Convention where he served as President of the Convention. He was re-elected to the 3'd Constitutional Convention in 1995 and again served as President of the Convention.

President Note served as speaker of the Nitijela until his election to the Presidency in January of 2000. He was reelected in November 15, 2003 and served his second term as President of the Republic of the Marshall lslands from 2004 to 2008.

President Note is married to the former Mary Neimoj Yamamura. They have six children.

I had the honor to serve President Kessai Note when I served as personal adviser toAmbassador deBrum in Washington, DC from 2000 to 2008, and when i was in the Marshall Islands in 205 to 2017 as Administrator of Reimanlok Foundation. (Vince Sinining).

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