VCS Research is a notprofit research and consultancy organization composed of research fellows and policy experts. As a consulting firm, our independent consultants provide advisory, consulting services, and personalized training in diplomacy, global affairs, leadership and governance, education and sustainable development to foreign missions.

The firm was founded in December of 1996 by Vince C. Sinining in Washington, DC. In 1999, it was incorporated in the District of Columbia as a nonprofit organization, and subsequently launched the Council on Diplomacy and International Affairs (CODIA).In 2018, VCS Research Limited is duly registered in Kigali, Rwanda as a Research and Consulting organization.

The organization is self-funded but it also received voluntary contributions from individuals and organizations in support of conducting and providing lectures, seminars, and workshops. Training programs are provided free to individuals with potentionals of becoming leaders from Developed and Least-Developed Nations.

In 2000 to 2009, VCS Research focused its work on global issues, conducting intensive research on the intricacies of multilateral diplomacy among Small Island Developing States. Most of the senior consultants served as Special Advisers to various governments, posted at the Permanent Missions to the United Nation in New York. The training programs and services of the organization were provided "by invitation only." Since the organization was founded, VCS Founder Vince Sinining has been providing motivational talks, lectures, workshops, and seminars (sustainable development, education, leadership and governance) to schools and organizations in the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

On Education, VCS Research has been collaborating with various institutions on educational innovation and research to improve Teaching and Learning in today's rapidly changing technologies using integrated curricula (ICT, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Global Affairs). The organization has also been involved in promoting Cultural Diplomacy, using Arts and Culture in promoting peace and understanding with one another. It participated in the First White House Conference on Cultural Diplomacy hosted by First Lady Hilary Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright in January 2000.

In 2010 to the present, VCS Research focused its work on sustainable development (Education and Health, Leadership and Governance) and the Fight against Poverty in Southeast Asia, East Africa, and in the Pacific Islands through the power of education and skills training (workforce development program).

In 2017, VCS Research celebrated its 20th year of existence, having mentored thousands of talented young men and women around the world.

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VCS Research Limited in Kigali, Rwanda focuses on the following priorities:

Empowering the youth through:

  • Seeking Scholarship Grants from international donors
  • Capacity Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Research Supervision
  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training
  • School to Work Programmes
  • Consultancy & Mentorship
  • Collaboration & Partnership to boost Youth Employment


In this highly-competitive and fast-changing business landscape, the challenge is to stand out and stay ahead. That is why our government, companies and professionals aspire for something more substantial: total professional development and the full realization of business and organizational objectives. More than a provider, they need a partner, a name they can trust. This is why VCS RESEARCH LIMITED was establishe

President Paul Kagame, in his article featured at The Guardian entitled "Africa is finally uniting: now we need good politics " said, "In Africa, our biggest threats are also opportunities. By 2035, 450 million Africans will have joined the working age population, more than the rest of the world combined in that time. They will power our economies forward, as long as there are jobs they have the knowledge to perform.

"But our schools and universities have not kept pace with technology. Over half of all jobseekers have few or no skills, while 41% have qualifications but no skills for the jobs available. The gap is wider still in science, technology, engineering and mathematics."

Entrepreneurial skills, leadership development, and skills building form the heart and soul of our capacity development programs.

In boosting youth employment, we focus on the following priorities:

  • Soft skills and digital jobs for youth and women
  • Effective approaches to foster work-based learning programs and mentorship
  • Distribution of scholarship grants from supporters and donors

Our objective is not just to provide few training programs but to grow as a top-rated organization that will be capable of offering top-rated training and mentorship programs and other human resources solutions that will unleash the full potential of professionals and organizations.

VCS RESEARCH LIMITED believes, together, we can transform the lives of the people we serve. Thus, we prioritize our partnership and collaboration with all the stakeholders in helping build the human capital of Rwanda and Africa as a whole.


The purposes for which VCS RESEARCH LIMITED was established are:

  • to address, promote and engage in activities relating to boosting employment among the youth and women in Rwanda through soft skills training and effective approaches to foster work-based learning programs and mentorship;
  • to address, promote and engage in activities relating to the sustainable economic development of Rwanda through training and capacity development;
  • to address, promote and engage in activities relating to the building of human capital of Rwanda by providing Strategic. Research-based, interactive, result-oriented training programs
  • to address, promote and engage in activities relating to entrepreneurship, leadership development among our youth and women;
  • to address, promote and engage in activities relating to the health, educational, cultural and social development of Rwanda;
  • to facilitate discussion, research and public education on the above purpose;
  • to provide a forum whereby people, organizations and institutions may discuss and exchange ideas and points of view on the above purposes;
  • to collaborate and partner with various stakeholders to achieve common goals and objectives; and,
  • to undertake and carry on any business, investment, transaction, venture, or enterprise which may be lawfully undertaken or carried on by the organization according to the laws of Rwanda.

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Dr. Vince Sinining, Founder of VCS Research 1996-2017